Miguel Mirabal – Senra, Esq.

Miguel is a season lawyer with a passion for education and the beauty industry  Miguel has been practicing law for over 17 years and for most of that time we worked as in house counsel for one of the largest vocational schools in the country.  Miguel’s passion for the business began in 1990 when his mother Maggie was instrumental in opening one of the first Bi-lingual Cosmetology schools in the nation.  Since 1993 Miguel has been working in various aspects of the beauty industry, with a focused on the legal aspect of Cosmetology, Barber, Nail Technology,  Massage Therapy and Esthetician schools. Miguel’s’ philosophy is centered on student growth through, education, personal development and professionalism, which can open the door to an exciting and profitable life long career in the beauty industry.


He also strongly believes that members of the beauty industry, school staff and students need to gibe back to the community through educational seminar and public service such nonprofit work. Miguel and his staff have participated in the Susan B.G. Komen Cancer Foundation, Amigos for Kids, Global Humanitaria, Koen Foundation Walk for Life, Aids Walk Miami, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and the D. Amor Foundation for Autistic Children, and Baynanza Environmental  Clean ups.  Miguel is committed to providing students a top notch education while inculcating in them the need to provide positive social impact for others.