Jacobo Aguia

Is an entrepreneur with 20 over years experience in business ventures.  His passion for education started 5 years ago when in search for new business opportunities he saw a real potential in the field of beauty health wellness education. His passion is not only for business but also helping people and the community stakeholders. Through education, vocational training, and mentoring Mr Aguia sees the opportunity to give back and change peoples lives. It is his mission to give back to society and help others. In vocational and technical careers he sees the future of education. He strongly believes that in the near future most careers with developmental skills will be the ones most rewarded. In the future computers and AI will play a huge role in our society but no computer or robot will be able to perform art or technical skills the way a human can, that’s why he values the importance of hands-on training and educational development of ABI. 


At Advantage Beauty Institute his commitment is to the students, to help them develop their skills, training and abilities so they can succeed in life and have an amazing career in the beauty, health and wellness industry. His philosophy is that when you blend education, technical skill, art and passion students will have the best  advantage to develop and create a better future for themselves. It is through excellence in  education that he commits to help others. He believes that his students should have the best education in order for them to develop new technics and skills to get  a competitive edge and successful In their careers.