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Florida Facial Specialist License

Unlock exciting new possibilities! Achieve your Florida facial specialist license with expert guidance from our experienced instructors. Elevate your career and gain the skills needed to thrive in the beauty industry. Start your journey today and transform your passion into professional success! Enroll now!

Florida Facial Specialist License

Achieve your Florida facial specialist license with expert guidance. Unlock new career opportunities.  Elevate your career with a Florida facial specialist license. Expert-led training for success in the beauty industry. Transform your passion into expertise with a Florida facial specialist license. 

Esthetician Technician Program for State Licensure and Entrepreneurial Success


Embark on your amazing new career as a Esthetician – Facial Specialist with Advantage Beauty Institute’s comprehensive and one of a kind Facial Specialist Program. In this program students will delve deep into the intricate world of dermatology and Facialist Specialist. Throughout the course, participants will not only grasp but master the art of defining the composition, understanding the function, and identifying various types of skin.

The curriculum is carefully structured to provide a nuanced exploration of dermatological concepts, ensuring students acquire a holistic understanding of the subject matter. From the intricate layers of the epidermis to the diverse functions of the skin, our program delves into the intricacies of this vital organ. Join us in this educational odyssey, where each module is designed to deepen your understanding of skin health and pathology.

Florida Facial Specialist License



Comprehensive Esthetics Program: Mastering Skin Care and Facial Treatments

In this program, students will gain knowledge in delineating the composition, function, and various types of skin. They will also learn to distinguish between skin disorders and skin diseases, and acquire the necessary skills for conducting a facial treatment, encompassing massage, makeup application, and hair removal. Successful completion of program hours, clinical service, and a final exam will culminate in the issuance of a certificate of completion. Furthermore, graduates will be registered with the State for licensing.

It’s important to note that the entire program will be instructed in either English or Spanish by a Licensed Facial Specialist or Cosmetologist. During the registration process, students are required to choose their preferred language of instruction.

Hours: 02
Ethics is described as the philosophical study of moral values, rules and principles depicting what is right and wrong concerning proper conduct in business. Proper etiquette will ensure that your clients, coworkers, and superiors will come to appreciate you and will treat you the same way. This way of conduct will take you very far and will help enormously in your success.
Hours: 3
Sanitation and disinfection are of vital importance for infection control, client’s safety and one’s safety. The student will be very familiar with the rules and regulation to sanitize implements and equipment in the salon.
Hours: 85
The student will learn to identify the composition of the skin, the different types of skin and its functions, as well as, diseases of the skin and treatment rendered to treat such conditions and care for the skin.
Hours: 08
The students will learn the chemical composition of cosmetics and their classification. They will become familiar with products such as suspension, solution, emulsions, pomades, soaps, and powders to obtain better results when performing a service.
Hours: 106 Services: 40
The student will be trained in the different type of facials and necessary corrective treatment and maintenance techniques, application of electrical techniques in facials, dermatological, mechanical and chemical reaction of light therapy, and the use the proper methods to guarantee the health and well-being of the clients.
Hours: 9.25 Services: 05
Basics of Electricity, set up, use & maintenance of electrical devices Students will read textbook chapters and study the definition of electricity, electrical measurements, the principles of electrical equipment safety, electric modalities used in cosmetology and the types of light therapy and their benefits.
Hours: 7.5 Services: 30
The students will become familiar with the preferences for different methods and the client’ need to eliminate unwanted corporal hair, and to recommend to the client an adequate way of such removal. They will also learn the temporary and permanent procedures available.
Hours: 07 Services: 15
The students will learn the different designs and tendencies of makeup related to fashion, clothes and hair, and the artistic concept necessary to visually alter characteristics through the application of lighter and darker tones and corrective makeup. They will also be trained in the elements required for professional makeup and products, and the exciting possibilities that exist in makeup design.
Hours: 00Services: 01

The Salon Business (GN05) course provides a dynamic exploration into the key principles and practices of successfully operating a salon. From business planning and management to marketing strategies and client relations, students gain valuable insights into the entrepreneurial aspects of the beauty industry.

This course goes beyond technical skills, offering a comprehensive understanding of how to establish, grow, and sustain a thriving salon business. Students delve into financial management, branding, and industry regulations, ensuring they are well-equipped to navigate the competitive landscape.

Salon Business (GN05) is not just a course; it’s a roadmap to entrepreneurial success in the vibrant world of beauty and wellness. Join us in mastering the business side of the salon industry and turning your passion into a prosperous career.

Hours: 05 Services: 10
Lash & Brow Tinting – Students, will read textbook chapters, study the theory and practice proper preparation, including products, tools, equipment use and safety for tinting lashes and brow.
Hours: 10 Services: 10
Eyelash application, including strip lashes, individual lashes & semi-permanent lashes Students will read textbook chapters and study application & removal techniques for artificial lashes.
Hours: 00 Services: 30
In this course the students will learn the steps to follow for a successful client consultation such as the greeting, the proper tone of voice, establishing communication, filling out the consultation information sheet, asking questions, analyzing, evaluating and completing a service.
Hours: 1.25 Services: 05
Manual Extractions- Students will read textbook chapters, learn preparation, safety procedures and practice proper methods for manually extracting clogged pores including products, tools, equipment use, and safety.
Hours: 00 Services: 03
The student will learn to select and have a right image that will reflect their personal style and will express their profession and respect towards others.
Hours: 05 Services: 00
The students will learn to establish and describe the different types of properties, structure, function, and requirements necessary to run a successful business. The laws that govern a Facial Specialist’s activities, the requirements for license renovation, the penalties for different violations, and the security and health requirements of a beauty salon and in general, all the laws and rules established by the State of Florida.
Hours: 04 Services: 00
The students will have to complete the four (4) hours AIDS/HIV program and pass an examination before graduating.




A daily record is kept for students to sign in and out both in the morning and afternoon. The school emphasizes consistent attendance for all students.


Every day consists of a theory class, practical demonstration, and hands-on exercises conducted by students under the rigorous supervision of instructors in accordance with the program curriculum.


A “Clock Hour” is defined as a minimum of 50 minutes within any given clock hour, during which the student engages in a learning activity at the school, fulfilling coursework requirements in the physical presence of a faculty member.

A daily progress sheet is utilized to log service tasks, with all practical assignments being assessed and documented to meet Florida’s minimum task requirements. A minimum score of 75% is deemed satisfactory. Upon successful completion of the program and fulfillment of all requirements, a diploma will be issued to each student.

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