Cosmetology Training in Bonita Springs

Cosmetology Training in Bonita Springs. Unleash your inner artist! Begin your beauty journey with cosmetology training in Bonita Springs. Transform your passion into a thriving career with hands-on experience and expert guidance. Elevate your skills to the next level! Cosmetology training in Bonita Springs offers industry-leading programs with expert instruction to unlock your full potential. Cosmetology Training in Bonita Springs. 

Cosmetology Training in Bonita Springs

Glamour Unveiled: Mastering the Art of Cosmetology


This specialized program has been meticulously curated to provide a comprehensive education in Cosmetology, and we have meticulously designed the course to meet and exceed the government standards. Our curriculum is tailored to ensure that students not only acquire the essential skills and knowledge in the field but also adhere to the stringent Beauty Industry requirements. With Advantage Beauty Institute’s Cosmetology program, we are commitment to fostering excellence and professionalism while, preparing students for success in the dynamic and regulated landscape of the beauty industry. Join us in this educational journey where your passion for cosmetology meets the exacting standards of regulatory excellence.
Cosmetology Training in Bonita Springs



A Comprehensive Program for Beauty Enthusiasts

This comprehensive program has been meticulously designed to offer a well-rounded education in Cosmetology, aligning with the standards set forth by governmental organizations. Specifically tailored to cater to beginners in the field, the curriculum encompasses a diverse range of essential skills required by cosmetologists.

Covering professional development, ecology, anatomy, physiology, electricity, chemistry, and salon business fundamentals, the program ensures that students gain a solid foundation in these crucial areas. The curriculum extends to all aspects of hair services, including theory and care, design decisions, cutting techniques, procedures, styling, wigs, extensions, chemical textures, and hair coloring.

Additionally, the program incorporates manicure and pedicure services, along with an in-depth study of skin care, theory, hair removal, and makeup application. Taught entirely in either English or Spanish by a Licensed Cosmetologist, students have the flexibility to choose their preferred language during the registration process.

Embark on a transformative journey, where this program not only imparts theoretical knowledge but also emphasizes practical skills essential for success in the dynamic field of Cosmetology. Choose your language of instruction and immerse yourself in a comprehensive learning experience that prepares you for a fulfilling career in the beauty industry.

Hours: 04 Services: 00
The students will be required to complete the AIDS / HIV four (4) hours program and pass an examination before graduating. The school will provide this program, or the student may obtain it in another center that is accredited by the State of Florida Cosmetology Association. The subject to be completed describes the difference between HIV and AIDS.
Hours: 10 Services: 00
The students will learn to establish and define the different types of property, structure, function and requirements needed to run a successful business. The laws that govern the activities of all cosmetologists as set forth by the cosmetology society and its composition. The difference between cosmetologists and specialists. The requirements for license renovation. The penalties for different violations. The security and health requirements of a beauty salon and, in general, all the laws and rules established by the cosmetology society in the State of Florida.
Hours: 20 Services: 00
Students will learn from textbook chapters to understand how the human body functions as a cohesive whole. To recognize changes from the norm, to determine a scientific basis for the proper application of services and products. To perform a professional makeup application, scalp manipulations, create a style, perform facials and perform manipulations that otherwise be hard without a knowledge of facial bones and muscle structure.
Hours: 120 Services: 50
In this chapter, the students will learn the theory of nails and to describe the structure, growth, diseases and conditions associated with the nail. To explain and demonstrate learned services for the care of artificial nails such as prevention of infections. The students will also learn pedicure and massage techniques.
Hours: 100 Services: 25
This program is designed under the regulations and requirements of the State of Florida to obtain the license of “Facial Specialist or Esthetic Technician.” In this program, the students will learn to define the composition, function, types of skin, the difference between skin disorders and skin disease, and the steps to follow during a facial treatment, including massage, makeup application and hair removal.
Hours:116 Services: 65
Our goal in this chapter is for the students to learn how to explain and demonstrate the theory and the basic procedures associated with a perm and the creation of a curl. This is a chapter where the chemical aspects are translated into the student ability to create a perm or to straighten the hair for a client. This technique produces high chemical changes in the hair that will offer new options for haircuts and styles for the client. The students can identify the different types of perms, the chemical contents of each, and the methods of application. As well as different methods of hair curling, positions and patterns for perms, rinses, the various categories of curls and their advantages and the general elements necessary for the job.
Hours: 25 Services: 00
The student will learn chemical principles in detail and the chemistry of the hair, the water measuring, the pH balance in substances, the chemicals in cosmetics and their classifications, the main ingredients contained in hair relaxing product, hair dyes, perms, etc. This information will prove very useful in the marketing of the adequate services and the client’s safety.
Hours: 200 Services: 65
We will ensure that the students at the end of this chapter will can define color and its laws as well as identify the natural level, tone, and intensity of the hair. Additional considerations will be given to texture, diameter, and porosity of the hair since these will influence significantly in the absorption of the color and the timing of the procedure. The students will also be trained in the technique of coloring of the hair and the categories of different products. They will also become familiar with other techniques associated with hair colorings such as highlights, consultation with the client, promotions and sale of services, discoloration terminology and problem of discoloration of the hair and its solutions. In the end, all these techniques will make the student a solicited and highly qualified stylist.
Hours: 235 Services: 300
As professionals, we will ensure that the students comprehend the individual needs of each client based on their age, personality, and lifestyle and learn to use these aspects to work with the natural or artificial texture and the disposition of each client’s hair. A particular hairstyle for a certain individual may become their most identifying characteristic, marking their personality and proclaiming their identity. This chapter will cover three important parts of hair styling: the styling of wet hair, the styling of short hair and the styling of long hair. These techniques include symmetry and proportions, and the use of hand-held hair dryers, brushes, curling irons, finger styling, rollers, braids, etc.
Hours: 30 Services: 00
The students will be able to discuss reasons why men purchase hair pieces, identify the types of hair used in the manufacture of hair pieces, demonstrate correct cleaning methods for hair pieces, discuss alternative hair replacement methods, etc.
Hours: 40 Services: 50
The students will learn proper hair maintenance and the objective of the wash, the frequency, the products designed for each type of condition or alteration, the infectious diseases, manipulations, rules and regulations, water’s chemical composition, shampoos and the procedures to follow with different kinds of chemicals. This is a very satisfactory service for the client as long as it is done with professionalism.
Hours: 30 Services: 45
The students will learn to define the theory of hair formation, growth, structure, part, and color. Also, the students will learn the techniques of services such as washing, massages, hair care and evaluating common problems such as hair loss, dandruff, etc. The students will gain knowledge of the different products and manipulations.
Hours: 200 Services: 75
Hair design decisions are based on the consideration of the facial proportions, consultations with the client and the students understanding of style compositions. Hair styling design follows the same basic artistic concepts as any other form of art; only it’s applied to the hair. The three principal elements are form, texture, and color. In creating and completing a design, none of these items should be ignored.
Hours: 30 Services: 00
Students will learn that one of the most important aspects of proper sanitation is the cleanliness of all instruments and work areas. The habits the students form in this aspect will be crucial, as they will affect the health and well-being of the clients and themselves. The proper procedures to follow for the sanitation and cleanliness of the work environment are part of the chapter entitled bacteriology, which is the science that deals with microorganisms.
Hours: 15 Services: 00
The students will receive a detailed description from their instructor of the functions and objectives of each instrument such as razors, perm rods, setting rollers, scissors, thinning.
Hours: 25 Services: 00
Professional Ethics (GN01) is a vital course designed to instill a strong foundation of ethical principles and conduct within aspiring professionals. This course delves into the essential aspects of ethical decision-making, integrity, and responsible behavior in various professional settings. Students will explore real-world scenarios, case studies, and industry-specific ethical considerations, providing them with the tools to navigate complex ethical dilemmas confidently. The curriculum emphasizes the importance of upholding ethical standards, fostering a sense of responsibility, and cultivating a professional mindset essential for success in diverse professional environments. Join us in Professional Ethics (GN01) to develop the ethical framework necessary for a successful and principled career.




Students are required to sign in and out each morning and afternoon in the daily log. Consistent attendance is anticipated from all students as per the school’s expectations.


The daily schedule includes theory classes, practical demonstrations, and hands-on exercises conducted by students under the vigilant supervision of instructors, adhering to the prescribed program curricula.

A “Clock Hour” is characterized as a minimum of 50 minutes within a single hour, during which the student engages in a learning activity mandated by the school, while physically present with a faculty member.

Each day, a progress sheet is utilized to document service tasks, ensuring compliance with Florida’s minimum task requirements through thorough evaluation and documentation of practical assignments. A minimum acceptable score of 75% is set.

Upon satisfactory completion of the program, meeting attendance obligations, and fulfilling financial requirements, a diploma will be awarded to each student as a testament to their accomplishment.

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