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Mastering the Art of Body Wrapping: A Program for State Licensure and Professional Excellence


In preparation for meeting the State of Florida’s mandated requirements for obtaining a licensed Body Wrapper certification, our program is meticulously designed to equip students with the comprehensive knowledge and practical skills essential for success in this specialized field. As students progress through the curriculum, they engage in a dynamic learning environment that not only fulfills the educational prerequisites but also instills a deep understanding of the art and science of body wrapping.

Upon the successful completion of the required credit hours and services, individuals attain eligibility for initial registration as a certified body wrapper. This marks a significant milestone in their journey towards professional recognition and licensure. Our program ensures that students are well-versed in the latest techniques, industry standards, and ethical considerations related to body wrapping.



Training for Aspiring Massage Therapists

Students are required to successfully finish a 12-hour workshop, providing essential insights into the knowledge and techniques of Body Wrapping. This workshop serves as a foundational step for students to develop the necessary skills, ensuring their readiness to contribute effectively to the health industry and the overall wellness of their future clients.

It’s important to note that this specific course has not received approval from the Commission for Independent Education. However, the Specialty Course in Body Wrapping is officially endorsed by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR). This distinction ensures that students receive instruction that aligns with industry standards and regulatory requirements, enhancing the credibility and value of their educational experience.

Hours: 00 Services: 03
This course is hands-on where you will learn about body wrapping techniques, mixing and preparations solutions.
Hours: 04 Services: 00
The students will learn the necessary areas of concerned with the health and appearance of the skin of the clients that you are providing wrapping services. The health of the skin is essential for you to be allowed to provide body wrapping services. Understanding the anatomy of the skin, and knowing how to recognize skin diseases and disorders, forms the basis of this course for providing safe and healthy services for your clients. Topics include structure, layers, and mechanisms of the skin, skin disorder and diseases, symptoms, which wrapping services to apply and when to refer to a physician.
Hours: 01 Services: 00
The students will learn to establish and describe the different type of laws and rules and regulations concerning themselves and their clients related to health and economic situations. The laws that govern the activities of all body wrappers as set forth by the Florida Board of Cosmetology to follow. The requirements for license renovation. The penalties for different violations. The security and health requirements of a beauty salon and, in general, all the laws and rules established by the board.
Hours: 03 Services: 00
The students will be required to complete the AIDS / HIV four (4) hours program and pass an examination before graduating. The school will provide this program, or the student may obtain it in another center that is accredited by the State of Florida. The subject to be completed in this program has to do with describing the difference between HIV and AIDS.
Hours: 04 Services: 00
Students will learn that one of the most important aspects of proper sanitation is the cleanliness of all instruments and work areas. The habits the students form in this aspect will be crucial, as they will affect the health and well-being of the clients and themselves. The proper procedures to follow for the sanitation and sterilization of the work environment are part of the chapter entitled bacteriology, which is the science that deals with microorganisms, reproduction, and infections.




A daily attendance log is maintained, requiring students to sign in and out both in the morning and afternoon. The school emphasizes the importance of consistent attendance for all students.


Each day encompasses a theoretical class, practical demonstration, and hands-on exercises conducted by students under the diligent supervision of instructors, adhering to the course curriculums.


A “Clock Hour” is defined as a minimum of 50 minutes within any given clock hour during which the student engages in a learning activity at the school, fulfilling coursework requirements in the physical presence of a faculty member.


A daily progress sheet is employed to document service tasks, with all practical assignments carefully evaluated and recorded to meet Florida’s minimum task requirements. Students must achieve a minimum score of 75% for satisfactory completion. Upon meeting all financial and attendance requirements, a diploma will be issued to each student, acknowledging their successful completion of the program.

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