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Skin and Beauty Institute

Unleash your beauty potential at Skin and Beauty Institute. Elevate your skills with industry-leading training programs.  Discover your path to beauty mastery at Skin and Beauty Institute. Explore hands-on courses led by experts in the field. Transform your passion into expertise at Skin and Beauty Institute. Explore innovative courses tailored to your career goals

Skin and Beauty Institute

Where Dreams Blossom into Beauty Careers


Discover Advantage Beauty Institute, a comprehensive cosmetology school located in the South-West Florida region. We offer Diplomas in Cosmetology, Barbering, Nail Technician, Massage Therapy, and Facial Specialist. Our enthusiasm lies in nurturing the next generation of salon and beauty industry leaders. Beyond the traditional classroom experience, our exceptional reputation and student-centric curriculum extend to unique partnerships, paving the way for exciting job opportunities upon graduation. Setting us apart, we proudly stand as the only beauty school in SW Florida offering bilingual instruction in both Spanish or English. Explore our diverse range of programs and courses, an exclusive offering not found anywhere else in the South Florida region. Join the Advantage Beauty Institute family, and our long list of distinguished graduates, where we help you open the doors to endless possibilities and aim to empower your success in the beauty industry. Welcome, and let us guide you towards thriving in your beauty career!


Skin and Beauty Institute
Skin and Beauty Institute
Skin and Beauty Institute



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Congratulations on embarking on the initial phase of a fantastic journey in the Beauty Industry! At Advantage Beauty Institute, we take pride in delivering top-notch education, resources, and an environment that not only supports but also propels our students toward success in their careers. Distinguishing ourselves as the sole beauty school in our region offering instruction in both Spanish and English, we provide an array of programs and courses not available elsewhere in the South West Florida region. Enroll now to start your new career in the Beauty Industry. Let Advantage Beauty Institute guide you to achieve your goals and thrive in the beauty industry. Welcome to a future of endless possibilities!

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